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LaChelle Barnett, LCAC, LCSW
CEO & Strategy Consultant                                                      ​​​​​​​The Reset Room

Before I share the details of my professional experience.  Here is what you really want to know and what's most important.

Over the last 5 years I have been walking this entrepreneurial journey.  When I started I saw an opportunity to create wealth, leave a legacy, impact the world and even redefine myself in the process.  Given my professional experience and educational background I was sure I could grow my own business.  And I have, but it has not been without many bumps. 

I've been in the place where I was working hard, making great impact but not getting paid much of anything.  I've been in the place where I was traveling and speaking on stages, liking what I was doing (but not loving it), making a little more money.  I have been overwhelmed, I've had information overload.  I've hustled and stayed up all night working in my business.  

But none of these are my story today.  Okay well I occasionally stay up all night but purpose out of passion and as a requirement to create money.  

And it has been systems, sales, structure and support that has allowed me to thrive in my business.  And that's what I want for you as you journey through entrepreneurship as well.  

Professional Experience and Educational Background.

Professional:  CEO of Fathers First Inc.
Professional:  Professor at Indiana University of South Bend
Professional:  Therapist at Oaklawn Psychiatric Center 
Professional:  Traveling Seminar Presenter for PESI
Education:  Bachelors in Sociology (University of Dayton)
Education:  Masters in Social Work (Indiana University)
Education:  Doctore in Business Administration (one year left) (Walden University)
Licenses:  Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Licenses:  Licnsed Clinical Addictions Counselor

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